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Log 8, Day 19

Onto Frost.


Log 5, Day 12

Before schedule!


Log 4, Day 12

I seem to making logs in multiples of 3. Hmm.

New video is up tomorrow! This one’s about Edgar Allan Poe. I’m slightly behind schedule, as I still have to analyze a few of his poems. Expect those videos up sometime later this week.


Yay editing.

As a footnote, I’m kind of happy I’m analyzing Poe’s poetry instead of his short-stories. Because they are scary as heck.


Log 3, Day 9: First Video

Info I used is below. Enjoy!


Log 2, Day 6: Getting the Ball Rolling

Yay! I started! That’s an accomplishment, considering I spent most of the weekend recovering from our retreat (it was amazing). But I made a few changes to my project, the biggest being swapping out the war poet Isaac Rosenberg with Canadian poet John McCrae. I had considered McCrae, but didn’t think he had written any other poetry besides In Flanders Fields. But he did! And he’s Canadian.

I started – and finished – taking notes for my overview of poetry. I’m making a video about all the various elements of poetry, which should be out Monday or Tuesday. Hooray!



Log 1, Day 1: The Beginning!

And so it begins. A six-week long English project about anything we wanted, particularly an area of the subject we felt we needed to improve on. I had never been taught poetry to any extensive level until grade eight, and that glimpse of how powerful the art can be pushed me to choose it as my topic. I specifically zeroed in on analyzing poetic forms and devices, rather than learning to write poetry. It should be an enlightening and engaging adventure!

My general way that I was thinking of approaching the vast field in detailed in the table below:


  To Complete Notes
Week 1 What are poetic devices/how do you identify them? List of poetic devices

Poetic structure and rhythm

Week 2 Edgar Allan Poe Biography/how it influenced his writings

Overall poetry

Focus on The Raven, The Bells, Annabel Lee

Week 3 Robert Frost Biography/how it influenced his writings

Overall poetry

Focus on Stopping By Woods on Snowy Evening, The Road Not Taken, Home Burial

Week 4 Isaac Rosenberg Biography/how it influenced his writings

Overall poetry

Focus on Break of Day in the Trenches, In the Trenches, Dead Man’s Dump

Week 5 Leonard Cohen Biography/how it influenced his writings

Overall poetry

Focus on The Bus, Hallelujah, Take This Waltz

Week 6 Conclusion/Presentation Main characteristics of each poet/similarities/differences

The project will cultivate in a 15-minute presentation, with the class, and I already have a few ideas on how I’ll show my learnings to the class.


Today was a fairly easy day. I found links to all the parts of the project I would cover, and didn’t particularly go into any detail. On Saturday (can’t work on it from Wednesday to Friday because RETREATTTTT) I’ll continue working, and hopefully start looking at poetic devices!