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journey of a ten through talons


On A Warm June Night

I guess this is goodbye.

TALONS, you’ve meant so much to me. And this blog has too. I really can’t wait to start binging my posts in a single sitting, laughing at my immaturity, cringing at my grammar, and sometimes shaking my head at the worldviews I expressed long ago.

This whole experience has been so otherworldly that I’m a little skeptical that no dark arts were used to bring 27.5 crazy kids (that only got crazier as the days went along) together until we couldn’t imagine any other group of people we’d rather complete a project with, or spent nights in the underbrush and paddling on lakes with.

Call me fantastical, but I suspect some good-ol’ magic had some foul (and fair!) play in this version of TALONS. Magic that bound us together, wrapped us tightly together in “TALONS ON THREE” chants during practice bikes, or giant group-hugs when it got cold, or all the bittersweet and tear-jerking closing circles.

The magnets have been ripped apart. It’s time for all of us to embark on new journeys, adventures that will hopefully be as rewarding and joyful as this crazy ride.

But another one of my suspicions is that we’ll meet again, in some form, in some way. We’ll be drawn back together.

The funny thing is, is that if we do drift apart like we inevitably should (that seems impossible right now, but it will), I know that everyone will still be together in a way.

In our hearts.


“Good bye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart is the memory and there you will always be.”

  • Walt Disney

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