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Describe the ups and downs you have encountered to date in your inquiry. Specifically, when you were frustrated or struggling in your inquiry, what did you do to address the situation?

It’s been a very tumultuous journey so far! I’ve listed a few major positive and negative moments below:

Positive – actually starting to enjoy the reading. It took me roughly one week for this to occur, but when I started to hit a ‘reading groove’, and was able to follow Joyce’s seemingly impenetrable writing style, I felt myself being more intimately acquainted with the characters, particularly Bloom.

Negative – trying to read the book! Despite the occasional glimpses of light (as mentioned above), I often found myself struggling to understand what was happening. Also, when I was constantly flipping back and forth between the text, annotations, and online guides, it definitely broke up my ability to read a longer ‘phrase’, if you will. To counter this, I read the annotations of a page first and tried to understand the smaller details of the text, and then read the whole page. This was immensely helpful.

Positive – finding a proper question, and output for my project. Originally, I envisioned myself reading a section of Ulysses, reading three-four lengthy literary reviews, analyzing them, creating my own review of the section, and writing an expository essay about it all. Quickly, I found that would be impossible, but after a few discussions with Mr. Morris, I was able to focus my question (see my previous post). Now, I actually find myself enjoying creating my final presentation, because it directly incorporates my main goal of the project – reading Ulysses!

Negative – creating my presentation. Because reading is such a personal journey, I originally had no idea as to how to make a presentation, or guide, to how to read difficult texts. I’m still struggling a little, but we’ll see in the very near future if I’m able to solve my problem!

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