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What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable?

After around a week of reading, I’ve actually found Ulysses an enjoyable, albeit unconventional read. I have found two wonderful supplements of information to help me comprehend the reading: this website, entitled “Ulysses page-by-page”, and the notes at the end of the Annotated Student Edition of Ulysses. Reading the book without other notes has proven completely impossible, as there are frequent references to Aristotelian philosophy and the Bible, allusions to past books that Joyce wrote, and phrases in German, Latin, and French. “Ulysses page-by-page” inserts pictures beside lines that help me visualize the time period that Ulysses is taking place in, such as photos of mentioned objects (ex. frying kidneys, large keys, and Irish towers) as well as creating maps of the characters’ paths around Dublin. The annotated notes are extremely helpful for translations and political explanations, and also make connections between chapters and characters that I never would have spotted otherwise. For example, the word “metempsychosis” (definition: the transmigration of the soul) appears in both “Proteus” and “Calypso”, although the two featured characters don’t know each other.


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  1. mrmorris says:


    A very ambitious read, but I know that you will be all the better for it! I am glad to see that you are consulting other sources and annotations in your pursuit of unscrambling meaning in Joyce’s text. Keep up the close reading and analysis — I am looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with the novel!

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