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Speech Outline

(Shostakovich is abbreviated to “Shosti”)


  • @New York Peace Conference in 1949, listening to speeches


  • It’s his turn, but he knows he must give a prepared speech by the government
  • Does he rebel and say what he truly feels, or read the speech?

Rising action:

  • Narrates leading action: being denounced, family members dying, phone call with Stalin persuading him to leave the Soviet Union for the conference
  • Remembers that wife and children are still in USSR, cannot speak out or else they will be killed
  • However, he remembers everyone that died around him
    • Protests outside his hotel room stating “Shostakovich! Jump through the window!” (as means to defect)
  • It’s a chance to speak out on such a world stage and denounce the government


  • Realizes he must conform to wishes of government
  • By surviving, he’ll be the real winner

Falling action:

  • Realizes that people will hate him for it, and call him a coward
    • “Do you know hard it is to risk all you have? To give up all you have? To rebel? To play a game you know you can’t win?”


  • Begins reading speech given to him that glorifies Stalin

Possible endings:

  • “I survived. Is that not enough? Why do you want me to be your hero?”
  • “I still have so much music left to write.”
  • “They call me Communist. They call me a dissident. I am neither. I am Dmitri Shostakovich.” (motif plays in background)


3 Responses to Speech Outline

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Bahahahaha the final ending is definitely the one! I will learn how to play some instrument just so that I can have the honours of your exit. Also, you may want to change the title of your blog, it says “Journey of a grade NINE through talons”…

    • lucas says:

      Aha thanks Mackenzie! You can play it on a piano – it’s only four notes. 😛

      My sister mentioned changing it too!!! I guess I have to now…

  2. mackenzie says:

    Notes? I am unfamiliar with the term… Oh well, I tried.

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