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Socials Final: A Look Back

To recap my journey with socials this year, I created a video, which is below:

If you want to follow along with my notes, they are below:


  • Previous knowledge: interested in history and government
  • Expectations: very excited for various units, mostly about EMINENT
  • Goals: improve discussion skills
  • How did it turn out?
    • !!!!!!!!! AMAZING
    • Learned so much in such a short period of time, able to connect more with peers and think critically about historical events


  • Collective identity:
    • English Civil War
      • Collective identity of each side was shaped by propaganda, often what the other side’s identity was (i.e. the Parliamentarians attacked the Royalists (Cavaliers), Royalists did as well (Roundheads))
      • Content: propaganda was weapon during English Civil War, helped influence social and political revolution
    • Donald Trump
      • Content: discriminatory policies (build a wall, ban all Muslims)
    • Oliver Cromwell
      • Content: discriminatory policies of Christians (ban), injustices (massacres)
  • Disparities in power:
    • French Revolution (Socials wheel)
      • With the monarchy, the power was completely owned by the King and the nobility, leading the lower classes to revolt
      • Eventually the Jacobins had so much power they could kill anyone they wanted to
      • Content: social revolution
    • Hamilton theme map
      • People in power often influence how history is written (i.e. Hamilton’s legacy was buried by his counterparts who lived longer)
    • Columbus
      • Columbus had incredible power (weapons, numbers) than Native Americans he met
      • Content: imperialism and colonialism
  • Emerging ideas:
    • Hamilton
      • Emerging ideas were literally shaping the society and influencing it – they were building a new nation
      • “The American Experiment” – building a nation on ideas, experimenting and testing out if things would work, a work in progress, a nation founded on concepts and principles rather than physical geography
      • Hamilton made: national banking system, founded New York Post, wrote “The Federalist Papers”
    • Glenn Gould
      • Innovative recording techniques
      • Content: technological revolution – in classical music
    • Columbus
      • The idea of new riches
      • Content: greatly helped advance colonialism


  • Significance: Eminent Document of Learning and Eminent Person in general
    • Importance of Glenn Gould today in Toronto
    • Why he is eminent/why he is more significant than other pianists
  • Cause and consequence: French revolution studies
    • Discussions in class/what caused the events/how they were all related
  • Perspective: Social Order Document of Learning
    • Social norms, common beliefs, etc.


  • Evidence: analyze competing sources on controversial historical events
    • Bias, background of competing sources
  • Continuity and change:
    • Comparing shifts in ideology of political parties over time (i.e. Democrats/Republicans)
  • Ethical judgement: explore more into historical events that included racism?
    • Look more into historical atrocities


  • Use the tools I’ve learned (critically analyzing documents, making historical judgments and opinions) in everyday life, watching current events (Trump)
  • Look for connections between this year’s studies and Socials 10, and in future socials classes (Confederation with American/French rev.)


And here are photo credits (music is instrumental music for My Shot from Hamilton):×490/landscape-1457039161-hamilton.jpg×420.jpg*fra6dhYu5P6q22t9q9dqVw.jpeg

See y’all next year – in Socials 10!

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