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French Revolution Final Address: A Vow of Vengeance

[Gets stabbed by Charlotte]

[Stands up, removes blade]

I am just one. Do you think, by killing me and proclaiming that you saved 100,000 lives through my death will stop us? [Snort] No. You have only succeeded in martyring me. You have succeeded in raising me to a higher pedestal, and in that, you have condemned to death yourself, and all your comrades!

Your comrades, the Girondins. The ones who wrote me off as too radical, even for the Mountain. You thought that I could not galvanize the public through my writings, and yet, they found in me someone who could hear their pleas for mercy as you were sentencing them to death through starvation. You are weak cowards, mere puppets of the aristocrats. You do not truly care for the people, the people I represented and bitterly fought for. You will not stop the revolution. Fifty years of anarchy await you, and you will emerge from it only by the power of some dictator who will arise – a true statesman and patriot. O prating people, if you did but know how to act!

[Retrieve blade, stab self and die]

*End note – the last sentence is a Marat quote from his newspaper L’Ami du peuple. It’s amazing how prophetic this is – Napoleon united the people through a vision of an all-powerful France. And he also declared himself the emperor.*

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