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An Introductory Post to Jean Paul Marat

I don’t feel too uncomfortable writing on here. After all, I have been writing for most of my life, and just recently discovered this new amazing platform known as Twitter. I’ve already caught beef with nearly half on France by now on there, so make sure you go check it out @

The following is a short biography of my life to date:

I was born in 1743 in Boudry to Jean Mara and Louise Cabrol. My father was an immigrant from the island of Sardinia, and I left to find the house to search for job opportunities when I was 16. After briefly studying medicine in Paris, I moved to London for several years, befriending artists and dabbling into philosophical writings. In 1770, I published my first major work entitled “Chains of Slavery”, in which I thoroughly attacked absolute monarchy. I returned to medicine, and worked as a court doctor as well as publishing several papers about science. Benjamin Franklin visited me multiple times (and I asked him if Hamilton would consider sailing across the Atlantic to meet me, but he seems more interested in visiting Lafayette).

But I felt my talents were required in another field: politics. I wrote an essay declaring that every citizen should be given food and shelter in a properly functioning nation, as well as equal punishment among all classes and the king should be no more than a representative of the people he governs. And that’s why I’m leaving my previously wealthy life and picking a pen to support the people. Because they need someone to speak for them whose voice will be heard around France. Everyone citizen deserves a new start, and the only way that can happen is through total overhaul. We can’t have pacifists attempting to negotiate their way around a revolution. But the problem is represented in most of the people: they don’t want this. We need to fight back unequivocally and unconditionally, and show the king how powerful the people united can be. And their voice will be heard through me: L’Ami du peuple.

And my job? I’m going to sit in a bathtub and write.

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  1. Louise Hung says:

    Sounds like a hip dude -if it were present day, he would have put a plank across the tub and set his macbook on top to type. And Miss Charlotte would have only needed to push the laptop in to do her job.

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